Felt seascapes

I have been working with felt since 2010. Although I experiment with other media I always return to felt. Over the years my colour palette has softened and I am now needlefelting (dry felting)  as well as wet felting and incorporating a lot of mulberry silk.

‘Seascape 1’, wet felt, 29cm x 29 cm

‘Seascape 2’, wet felt, 29cm x 29cm

‘Sea and Sky’ 1, needlefelt, 29cm x 29cm

Sea and Sky 2’, needlefelt, 29cm x 29cm

‘The Island’, felt, large

‘Beach 1’, felt, 29cm x 29cm

‘’Beach’ 2, felt, large

‘The Summer Isles’, felt, 88cm x 38cm, 2017

‘Arran from Bute’, felt, 59 x 90 cm, 2012, large

‘Junk on the beach’, felt, 2010, large

Rhum from Eigg, felt, 2010, large