‘Transformations’ was at 116 Gallery in Tenterden from 6 November to 15 December 2019. A selection from this series is shown here.

My photographic images of the cliffs and rocks at Pett Level have been transformed into abstract landscapes. Some of the effects are achieved by physical layering of images using fine silk organza as in the ‘Figment’ series.  Some are layers of digital images either using the same image reversed or on a different scale or sometimes combining completely different images as in the ‘Rock Abstract’ series. I like the painterly effects I can achieve with this medium.  In the ‘Transformation’ series I have developed the digital images using pastel and pencil.  My most recent work, ‘Ancient Landscapes’, is very simple – I have just digitally manipulated my photographic images.

‘Figment’ 1, layered digital images, silk, 2019

‘Figment’ 2, layered digital images, silk, 2019

‘Rock Abstract’ 1, Layered digital images, 2019

‘Rock Abstract’ 2, layered digital images,, 2019

Transformation’ 1, layered digital images, pastel, pencil crayon, 2019

‘Ancient Landscape’ 1, (detail), digital image, 2019

‘Ancient Landscape’ 3, digital image, 2019